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The human touch

We are digital experts

But the human touch is essential – and more important.

VINX are digital experts. But the human touch is essential – and more important.

Firstly, we spend enough time to work with you to understand your business and your market. We don’t just do that once. We go on learning; a VINX Account Manager meets each customer every month or so, catching up on business evolution, reviewing progress and adapting to improve. We don’t do off-the-shelf solutions – because those are never “solutions”. No two businesses are the same.

Secondly, we manage the whole internet “package” – that could be website, social media posts, blogs, podcasts, webinars, videos; whatever we agree with you is right for your business. Our authors write articles to post with your byline. Our artists prepare and refine graphical content. Our analysts check that your content is reaching the right audience and getting the reception you hope for and need. And our statisticians extract all the numbers to confirm what’s working and what’s not.

Thirdly, we’ve honed our services so that VINX can deliver all this at an affordable price, with no long term commitment, justified by measurable results, month after month.

Putting the human into digital

VINX may be a digital business, but we believe an ongoing human relationship with our clients is more important than any app, software or electronic media.

We are business people. We believe in things that work and that our clients need measurable results and value for money.

Specifically, VINX helps clients build their business through comprehensive, intelligent and economical use of digital media without their needing to become an expert in any of it.

“From our very first meeting VINX understood our challenges and knew what we needed to do to address them.”
Oliver Dowson Grow International London
Oliver Dowson
Director ICC

The Digital Landscape

Our Services

Confused by all the platforms and updates? We’ll break them down, one by one, and get you up to speed.

VINX knows that services need to be affordable and deliver results. We ensure that we can deliver worthwhile, measurable results, month after month after month.

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Featured Case Studies!

Case Studies

The best stories are those that really happened.
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How we built Thought Leadership through Podcasting

Off-the-shelf solutions won’t achieve the results you need.

Why businesses need VINX

We work to help every one of our customers achieve measurable, valuable business results using social and digital media.
Trying to do it yourself is tough – much tougher than it might look at first. It also takes a lot of time – time you need to dedicate to managing and building your business in other ways. Keeping up the quality and the frequency of your digital presence can only be done through dedication – and, at VINX, we are dedicated to your success.
We’re good at this – we have to be, as you’ll only believe it yourself when you see the results. Over recent years we have created, refined and proven techniques that work. We go on improving them, month after month. There’s a lot of strings that need to be pulled together.
You won’t find our method in an online tutorial or touted by others – we keep them to ourselves and VINX clients. In any case, there’s no single standard method – every company is different, every founder is different, and so every approach to achieving Business Success and developing Thought Leadership is different.

Our Strength Is Our Community

Meet Vinicius

We believe creativity is only possible when founders and businesses owners feel safe and supported. You can meet us anywhere - by Skype, Zoom, or, as soon as we can, in person, as we love to go places!
Managing Director

Vinicius Fachinetto

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Our Clients

Road to the top was difficult but we would not be here without all the companies that trusted us.


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