Reimagining your business and planning your new approach for a new world.

The world is changing. Relax.

What does “the new normal” mean for your business? Can you just carry on from where you left off? Will your established customers all come back, and will new ones come naturally like they did before? Will your competitors be the same?

For some, it’ll be a case of plus change….

But most will be looking for a new approach. VINX is here to help.

The change we know

The internet has been a major part of our lives for quite a few years now – but in just a few weeks, the lockdown has educated the uninitiated, converted the doubters and made it a necessity as fundamental to our lives – both domestic and business – as water and electricity. Zoom and Skype are now part of every working day, and those who never got around to trying out webinars and podcasts have become committed followers. In our home life we rely on our smartphones for the news and Netflix, YouTube and iPlayer provide our entertainment. Families and friends connect by WhatsApp and Facetime. Millions catch up with more distant acquaintances using Facebook and Instagram. The world has changed, and consumer behaviour has changed with it – a strong online presence is urgent and essential.

None of that is going to go away now.

What does that mean for you?

So – as business starts to ramp up again, how can you exploit and apply all the opportunities that the internet has to your business, while you concentrate on refocusing your company to reflect the changed market?

There is no single answer or common solution – but every single business can benefit from the internet. You need it now more than ever. Even if you’ve already got a website, and market on social networks, it’s time to re-evaluate. Whether you’re an internet novice or expert, VINX is here to help you.

VINX recognises there’s a big problem. Money. With the lockdown bringing a massive negative effect on the economies of every country and almost every business, there’s now going to be a recession. Many businesses will not survive. Most of those that do will be poorer. New websites, social media posts and internet marketing all costs money that you probably don’t have.

VINX was created to provide business owners with bespoke, comprehensive internet solutions that deliver measurable results – but also to do that at affordable prices. We’re different in many ways.

Off-the-shelf solutions won’t achieve the results you need.

Why businesses need VINX

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